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    • Step One: Submit the Introduction Questionnaire
    • Step Two: Conduct your research and submit your Audition.
    • Step Three: Schedule a Family Meet Up
    • Step Four: Receive an invitation to enroll!


      What is the starting age? The Acton Bee Cave Studio welcomes children 6 years old and up.  This is usually first grade in traditional schools.  However, more important than age is if your family is ready to support this child in taking on the responsibility for his/her own education. This can be decided on an individual bases depending on the child’s ability to work independently and reading ability.  

      Can we meet in person? We would love to meet you and your family!  Acton Bee Cave opens for the first day of school in September 2021.  An important part of the application process is the Family Meet Up (step 3).  We also are inviting kids to participate in multiple day camps to get a feel for the Acton model – see the Events page for upcoming scheduled Day Camps.  

      When will we know if we’re accepted? After you have completed the first three steps in the application process you will either receive an invitation to enroll or an invitation to the “waiting pool”. 

      If I am applying for several children, does each child need a separate audition? Yes, we consider each child a genius on a Hero’s Journey, so we ask each to audition separately.